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History of diamond watches

Though nobody can tell more or less accurately what time really is, the necessity to accurately tell the time has been troubling people for thousands of years. Ancient Greeks told time by the Sun, measuring their own shadows or observing the position of the shadow on the face of a huge sun clock. That is widely known, compared to the fact that some peoples (the Chinese, for example, or Greeks) used water or even fire to measure time. Of course, such measurement lacked accuracy.
People had to go a long way to achieve the convenience and precision that we enjoy in modern clocks and watches. A variety of constructions were invented and tried by such great minds as Galileo Galilee (unfortunately, his clock mechanism was destroyed by his son as a result of severe mental illness), Pierre Bomarche and Francois Voltaire (did you know that writing plays or philosophical essays originally was not their primary occupation? They were expert watch-makers of their time!).
Creating a good clock or watch was deemed to be an art. In the 16th century the French watch-makers even came to their king and insisted that he should pass a bill according to which only people with special training, knowledge and perfect skills should be allowed into watch-making. This resulted into debates (or even arguments) with jewelers, who claimed making watches of precious metals and gemstones to be their business (In those times kings and nobility already wanted their timepieces to match their social position). Jewelers not certified as watch-makers could be taken to court and fined for making watches.
But we shall see that the time will take jewelers and watch-makers together! The idea of the first wrist watch belongs to Josephine, the wife of Napoleon. She had them made, but for about 70 years she remained the only person to wear a wrist watch, while others found it more convenient to carry their watches in their pockets or wearing them on a chain. So they did, until marine officers realized the advantages of wrist watches, and the German Admiralty ordered a great number of wrist watches to Swiss watch-makers. The First World War was the final step in making the wrist watch the most common means of telling the time due to their convenience and size.
Modern requirements say a watch must be both precise and beautiful. For this reason not only watch-makers, but also designers and jewelers are involved in their creation. Alongside with basic inexpensive models, watches are made of gold, silver, platinum, decorated with gemstones. Quite a popular trend is diamond watches. Wearing a diamond watch is one of the traditional ways to demonstrate wealth as well as style. There are a number of companies producing top-quality watches, such as Benny and Co. or Joe Rodeo, so you might spend a lot of time trying to choose the best model. For example, Joe Rodeo diamond watches are made in hundreds of variations to accomplish your style, should it be classic or hip-hop. Joe Rodeo watches are famous for being not only trendy, but also very reliable. Today everybody wears a watch, because we value our time. But if it is something like a Joe Rodeo watch, its beauty makes us forget to some extent that time is passing by and never comes back.
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Diamond Watches - is the highest degree of elegance, elitism and exclusivity. Such exquisite diamond watches and diamond jewelry are indicators not only of prosperity but also of excellent sense of style. Men's Diamond Watches and Women's Diamond Watches from manufacturers such as Jacob & Co., Benny & Co., Aqua Master, Joe Rodeo, Techno Master, Hamilton, Gucci, Rolex may act as an unforgettable gift for a loved one. Diamond Watches from express the depth of feeling, the brightness of emotion and gratitude.

Aqua Master Diamond Watches - Aqua Master Watch Company was founded in the year 1999 by Family of diamond jewelers . Aqua Master watches are uniquely designed with the finest ETA movements and sold in solid stainless steel or gold cases. Aqua Master watches achieve the look of modern elegance, and their diamond-laden cases make a statement that will not be forgotten.

Diamond Joe Rodeo Watches - Joe Rodeo Watches is a well-known manufacturing watch company, also knows as JoJo Watches, which is developing successfully thanks to years of experience and tradition of high quality watchmaking. Joe Rodeo Watches feature Swiss movement and set with natural diamonds. All Joe Rodeo Watches from come with lifetime warranty and two extra bands. invites your to the Revolution in quality making Diamond Watches by Joe Rodeo.

Hamilton Diamond Watches - With assets of more than a century most brands (in which there is, for example, such an achievement as the first release in the history of clock with LED-technology), a wide range of collections ranging from classic to ultra-contemporary design at a very loyal and price image, is close to fashion , the image of "the very hour of the film, Mark Hamilton confident can count on the fact that the buyer will notice it and appreciate it.

Rolex Diamond Watches - Rolex is the best known brand in the world, the most prestigious and recognizable. Everyone heard or saw rolex diamond watches - even those who do not need to delve into the specifics of the exclusive diamond watch market. Rolex is a symbol or an attribute of success, synonymous with the highest quality. Rolex Diamond Watch prices are directly related to the technical perfection of the mechanism and the use of precious stones and metals. It is understandable that a Rolex Diamond Watches are a technical perfection that is hard to find its equal.

Cartier Diamond Watches - Cartier have a long history of quality diamond jewelry production stretching all the way back to the foundation of the company. Cartier - The House of Cartier was founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier. Originally a jewelry boutique, Cartier evolved into a successful watchmaking business and introduced the first deployment-folding clasp, and the first truly water-resistant design. Cartier watches focus on savoir-faire while maintaining the ideal balance of art and precision. Cartier Diamond Watches are now some of the most well known and respected mens and womens diamond watches in the industry and now are available for sale here at

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Usually when you think of diamonds and especially diamond studded watches, the image that comes to mind is that of a beautiful woman adorning a classic timepiece. Diamonds have been considered for long as a girls best friend, however with men foraying into the fashion world and becoming conscious about their lifestyle and stature, there has been an inadvertent change in that stance.

A diamond watch is no more relegated to being an expensive fashion accessory that affluent women adorned. It has taken the role of defining a persons personality based on the kind of watch he or she may be sporting. In fact, whether one may agree or disagree, a really good watch is forever and can say more about you than your shoes or even that fancy car you may be driving. We all know a cars value is slashed immediately the moment it is out of the showroom, but it is not the case with a watch. A watch remains timeless and can instantly say quite a bit about the owner of the watch.

Lets take a look on how diamond watches have contributed to a change in perception for both men and women:

Style statement: A diamond watch can speak volumes and create a style statement even if it is the only accessory a person wears. It is a timeless accessory that has retained its class and sophistication over the years.

Mark of achievement: Diamond watches are always in vogue and have retained its position as not only the most expensive accessory but also an accessory that highlights a persons distinctive taste, sophistication and success. A diamond watch in fact is one of the assets through which a persons achievement can be measured. Both men and women experience a sense of achievement when they wear an exquisitely crafted diamond watch. Women in todays day and age have not only forayed into the corporate world but have also made a mark for themselves and therefore one of the best ways to show their success is to invest in a priceless timepiece. Without saying a word, an exquisite diamond studded watch can speak volumes about a person.

Appreciation: A classic diamond watch usually means that the person wearing it has an appreciation for finer things in life. Honestly, a really classy watch can even turn ordinary attire into an extraordinary one, as it accentuates the overall look. Diamond watches are also precious and signify an expensive taste, hence, for those who would like to gift their loved ones something that is treasure and priceless will definitely opt for a diamond watch.

Both men and women experience a sense of possessing something that is truly exquisite, unique and invaluable when they invest on a classy diamond watch. A diamond watch not only lends an air of sophistication and affluence to a persons personality but it helps that person standout amid a crowd.

Watches have always been a symbol of success. In days of old it was the select few who held positions of esteem in society, who would proudly wear a pocket watch on its beautiful chain.

The wrist watch has however overtaken the pocket watch in popularity, though a pocket watch makes a statement all of its own.

As the world progresses, the watch has become more commonplace and is mass produced. But then there are watches, and there are watches!

Whenever you think of Luxury Diamond Watches you automatically think of Swiss made watches that are noted for their fine craftsmanship, high quality of material used, and most importantly, they keep impeccable time whether it be mechanical, or working on quartz vibrations or electronic pulses. However, Italian and French manufacturers of Luxury Watches are not very far behind.

As far as Swiss watches are concerned, the story goes that in the 16th century the Huguenots, who were followers of the religious leader Jean Calvin fled from persecution in France for the safety of the Alps near Geneva. There, Jean Calvin played a pivotal role in banning the wearing of Jewelry. Watches however, were allowed as being of practical use. And so the Huguenot watchmakers teamed up with the Geneva Jewelers and goldsmiths to circumvent this by creating spectacular time pieces to adorn the wearer who felt deprived by this decree.

Theres nothing like a luxury watch on your wrist to make a clear statement of your success. Be it Watches for Men or Women, theres a veritable Smorgasbord of watches available in this genre to cater to the varied tastes and demands of the discerning collector. A luxury watch completes every designer outfit, whether for men or for women. Many fashion designers have now brought out their own brands of Luxury Watches.

A Luxury Watch is much more than just a means of telling time. It makes a definite statement about the person wearing it. Owning and wearing one is a status symbol. It signifies Success, Class and Discernment. A Luxury Watch is a collectible, handed down from generation to generation, as its value increases with the passing of time,

There are Diamond Watches to meet every taste and the value increases with the increasing number of functions it performs besides telling the time, most common of which would be perpetual calendars. Of course, watches made of precious metals embellished with Diamonds or other precious Stones are also very valuable.

Then there are the Sports Luxury Watches for Yachtsmen that measure the force of the tides and currents based on the moons Phases. There are also Watches to cater to the needs Speed Aficionados and those sought after by pilots for their aeronautic designs.

So if you have a specific interest that needs to be catered to, or are just looking for a fashion statement, theres something available for every one of you, whether it be a sleek understated elegant time piece or that flashy jewel encrusted beauty to compliment you.

Diamond Watches have and always will be the essence of prestige and sophistication. Being a proud owner of a Diamond Watch is the declaration of class, style and the iconic celebrity status. You've seen the stars donning Diamond Watches at such events as the Oscars, Grammy's and MTV Movie Awards. It is time to achieve your own Hollywood glamour with a Diamond Watch from

Wearing a Diamond Watch from does not only guarantee a fashionable entrance, but an everlasting impression. Choosing the right Diamond Watch is a rewarding experience in itself. Purchasing a Diamond Watch from will become another milestone in your life and will grant the confidence one obtains from fashion. Give dressing for success a new meaning with a Diamond Watch from

One of these diamond watches is Joe Rodeo which does a nice job of displaying the time and also creating the ultimate image. Log on to to pick up your watch. Incredible savings with and you still get the craftsmanship that a diamond watch deserves. Remarkable watches you were thinking about now in one place and on sale. Follow diamondItsHot at for sale and coupon updates.

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