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Trending Chain Necklaces for Men – 2021

Who says men can’t experiment with jewelry or even make a style statement with Gold chains? We say, wear jewelry like a boss, and wear Men’s Gold Chains like you wear your attitude! Whether it’s bold and blingy or rough and rugged, has a piece for every man who can confidently sport jewelry and doesn’t shy away from the right kind of attention.


Say the words gold chains for men or men’s Necklaces, and you might spark a debate on whether men should wear gold chains in 2021. Some folks tend to bracket gold chains with rappers and punks, but Men’s Gold Chains come in all styles & designs, with something for everyone regardless of whether you prefer something subtle or loud. Whether you’re a newbie or a Gold Chain pro, finding the perfect Men’s Gold Chain is all about picking the right width, length & chain style.


But when shopping for your gold chain online, it can be overwhelming. There are tons of options available such as at, including style, length, weight, whether or not it’ll work for your pendant, and more. With that in mind, we have put together this small guide to show you some of the most popular and unique types of chains.


Here’s our take on wearing the right kind of chain in 2021 that matches your personality type. We have also put together a professional buying guide to explain everything you need to consider before buying your chain. Read on to know more:


How to Style a Gold Chain


A great place to start is considering what you want your chain to say about you and what style you want. It’s incredible how a simple piece of jewelry can speak volumes about your personality.


Ask Yourself: How striking do I want the chain to be?

  • A lot of men aim for a stylish, subtle look, so wearing a classic gold chain that blends in with their attire would be a perfect choice. A classic, subtle look never goes out of style. 
  • However, there are also eye-catching types of gold chains that catch people’s attention and take center stage. These are often unique, and not everyone can pull them off. 
  • You can also opt to layer different chains for added texture & movement. The chains can be of different lengths and widths, and you get to choose the number of chains you want to wear for layering purposes. Ideally, you can layer 2 to 5 chains, but there are no rules, and you can set the trend. 


It’s also important to consider the shape of your face when choosing a gold chain. The gold color matters as well and should match your other accessories such as a watch; for example, the fact that you’re going for a GOLD chain doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be yellow gold. You may get tempted to pick out a white gold or rose gold chain rather than the classic yellow. We believe that you should go with your gut.


What Chain Length to Choose?


Men’s Gold chains can vary a lot in length, from 19 to 40 inches or even longer (usually would require a custom order). Usually, most chain lengths chosen for men fall at the collar bone, which is generally around 20-24 inches in length. If your chain includes a medallion, cross, or dog tag, a slightly longer length is suggested. If you want a layered look, you can wear multiple chains of varying lengths, according to your style, tastes, and preferences.


If you are unsure about neck size and whether a particular necklace or chain is right for you or not, please contact us at We’ll be happy to discuss your buying choices for you.


The way different chain lengths are typically categorized is as follows:


20-inch chains – If your neck is 17 inches, a 19” or 20” chain might be a good length if you like shorter chains. 20” chains are quite common among men. This length falls between your shirt’s first and second buttons and the collarbone. At this length, you can wear the gold chains inside or outside your shirt.


22-inch Chains – The 22-inch chain is the other common chain length for men. At this length, you can wear the chain with a cross pendant, a dog tag, or any other preferred pendant. 22” Chains fall a few inches below the collarbone. And it’s often a great option for men looking for necklaces that they can wear outside the shirt.


24-inch Chains – 24-inch Chains fall in the middle of your sternum or a few inches above it, depending on your height. This chain length is ideal for pendants, including dog tags & crosses, among others, and it’s ideally worn outside your shirt.


30-inch Chains – 30-inch chains are considered long chains for men. 30-inch variations are worn outside the shirt, but you can wear a 30-inch chain, especially a thicker one without a pendant.


Over 30-inch Chains – 40-inch chains are typically the longest chain length for men, and these are mostly hip hop style chains, which are thicker, usually over 10mm wide.


What Chain Thickness to Choose?


Men’s gold chains vary in thickness even more than they do in length. You can find anything from 1mm wide gold necklaces for men, to 21mm wide heavy chains (the width of a US quarter), to outrageous 25mm such as 1.5 Kilo Miami Cuban Link Chain be custom made even greater width.


Generally, the width and length of a chain go hand in hand where a longer chain such as a 30-inch chain would also be wider such as 15mm in width (a 2mm wide chain would not look good in 30 inches but would look fine in 22 inches length).


However, the width is even more important than the length when it comes to subtlety and expression. Even if you decide to keep your chain underneath your shirt, it’ll still be noticeable and draw attention if it’s too wide.


Thick gold chains for men more than 12mm wide are typically intended to be eye-catching and impressive, while chains with a width of 1-6mm are more personal and often meant to be rarely seen. You can use the middle range of 6-10mm for either purpose, depending on their design.


Trend Alert for 2021


You may have noticed a trend for thicker chains in 2020. This year, it’s all about mixing in a thicker bold chain to your necklace layer. We know chain styles can become overwhelming, but you need to know what you’ve got so that you can layer without too much tangle!


In the images below, we have featured specific designs that show different types of chains. You’ll find each of these Men’s Gold Chains is available for purchase at, so wear a solo chain or add your pendants; it’s up to you!


Types of Men’s Gold Chains at


There’s a large variety to choose from when it comes to men’s gold chain designs and types. Most of these types are better suited for specific lengths and width ranges. Here are the most prominent types of Men’s Gold Chains at


The quintessential male necklace, Dog Tag chains, are a strong and durable type of chains. Ball chains, commonly known as Bead chains, are a type of chain composed of a series of tiny beads linked together to create a chain. Pendants on long Chains hang just right with T-Shirts, while dog tags on short chains accent the necklines of men’s tanks. Dog Tags’ undeniably rugged appeal make a sensational gift for the stylish and masculine man. They can add character and class to a man’s look in one easy step. Nowadays, Dog Tags Chains for men are more popular than ever and are seen on your favorite celebs and fashionistas alike, and add a bold interest and some manly appeal to their overall demeanor.

Ball Chains

14K Yellow Gold Ball/Dog Tag Chain/Combat


The Cuban Link Chain is a very popular type of chain and, in wider variations, is considered an essential accessory of the Hip Hop, Rapper fashion movement. At, we have the largest collection of Cuban Link chains. Our collection features a wide variety of chains from subtle 2.5mm wide Cuban link chains to hip-hop jewelry styles, including chunky Miami Chains for those who want to take it back to the old school and classic hollow chains for street-style lovers who like to keep things simple. Miami Cuban Chains, a variation of cable chains, uses round or oval links but has them twisted for an added effect. Most hip-hop-style necklaces on the market are Cuban chains.

Cuban Link Chains 



Another one of the most popular types of chains for men, Rope Chains, can be styled differently. Rope chains are considered one of the most sought-after and elegant chains on the market. These chains create the effect of two twisting strands attached.  In Rope Chains, the small oval links are joined to give these chains a tough but versatile look. Thinner rope chains are beautiful to pair with pendants, while the larger chains are ideal for wearing independently. Because of the twisting pattern reflecting light from various angles, a Gold Rope Chain commands more attention. 

Rope Chains




The Italian design in Franco Chains is achieved by interweaving the V-shaped links of 2-4 curb necklaces. You can easily rock Franco chains solo, as they’re quite a statement design.

Franco Chains



The Figaro is a classic type of Men’s Gold Chain and a durable & eye-catching choice for the modern and trendy man. Figaro chains use round or oval links of different shapes & sizes. It typically alternates between 2-3 round links and 1 elongated oval one. Figaro Chains have a simple and sophisticated design and can be worn by men who love to accentuate your outfit. It’s a sturdy chain made of thick wires and consists of an alternating pattern of flattened links in different sizes. Although Figaro chains are easy to fix, a broken link can still not be removed without replacing it due to the chains’ pattern.

Figaro Chains


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At online store and our physical location in New York, we offer a wide range of bespoke necklaces for men, so we are confident there is something for everyone. Whether it’s a well-deserved treat for yourself or it’s a gift for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, you’ll find something here.


If you’re looking for a high-end online store that provides swaggy, elegant, beautiful, and sophisticated chains, you have come to the right place. You can shop on our site anytime, and please call us if you have any special requests or if you want to customize chains. We are masters at making custom jewelry and are happy to accommodate your special requests. Also, have a look at our other blogs on our website that have more in-depth information about everything jewelry, including “What Affordable Luxury Gift You Can Grab from ItsHot.Com to Make Your Valentine’s Day Special?” Finally, get in touch with us at for all jewelry needs.

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