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6 Sweet 16 Jewelry Gifts She Will Love

For so many girls, their sweet 16 is that time in their life where they go from child to woman. It’s a huge birthday party with lots of fanfare and, naturally, lots of presents. How will you make yours stand out? Well, what better way to welcome her into womanhood than with some beautiful pieces of jewelry! She will feel more like a lady than ever before thanks to your sweet sixteen gift of a gorgeous jewelry piece that she can wear not only on her special sweet 16, but that she can also enjoy for plenty of years to come.


A Princess Cut Diamond Because She’s Your Princess


So, her 16th birthday is already pretty magical. She probably has a stunning birthday dress and has invited everyone she knows into some grand venue for the birthday party of their lives. This is her time to be a princess. Getting her a princess-cut diamond will make her feel like the royalty that she already is. This will be a jewelry  gift that she can hand down to her daughter to celebrate her sweet 16.


When shopping for her perfect sweet 16 jewelry gift, keep in mind that of course it does not have to be a princess-cut ring. The options for you to get her a piece of jewelry that showcases this beautiful cut of diamond are truly endless! There are other types of jewelry pieces that perfectly feature a diamond in a classic cut, allowing it to glitter and glow in a way that few other cuts allow the diamond to do. Your princess can have earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet set with princess diamonds. No matter what you choose for the beautiful princess in your life, she is sure to love this cut of diamond.


A Classy Pearl Necklace


Pearls are timeless and classic and you can wear them for just about any occasion. This is a jewelry gift that can be worn for more than her sweet 16. This can be a staple to all of her big events, like prom and her wedding day. Think of how special she will feel putting on this jewelry gift, knowing that it carries not just the happiness of her newest 16th birthday day, but that it calls back to the special day that was her sweet 16 as well.


Pearls are a good option because they’re affordable. You can have a pearl stud earring set for under $100. Diamonds, however, get much smaller for the price point. This is a good piece of jewelry for her to learn responsibility. If she loses a $50 pair of pearl earrings it will hurt a lot less than a $1,000 pair of diamond earrings.


Not to mention that if she doesn’t want to look too old school with just plain white pearls, there are other sweet 16 gift ideas like colored options for her to make her stand out from the past. Black pearls, cranberry pearls, and off-white pearls will definitely catch her friends’ attention because so few teenagers recognize the natural, inherent beauty in pearls. The sweet sixteen girl will stand apart from the others in the crowd, keeping a classic fashion statement alive while adding her own colorful mix to it as well.


A Disco Ball Bracelet


She’s young and so is her style. She will love a Disco ball bracelet. They are said to bring peace and awareness to the person wearing it. Disco ball bracelets are often made from unique stones that don’t break the bank like diamonds do: volcanic rock and crystals being among the most popular materials for disco ball beads everywhere.


If you are wanting to spend a little extra on this sweet 16 gift they are available with pearls or diamonds. Yellow and black diamonds are great diamond options. With this in mind, this presents an opportunity to bond with the sweet-sixteen-year-old while shopping together for the perfect disco ball bracelet for her. Teenagers love having their voices heard, so hearing out what she wants and shopping with her is a good way to make sure that her voice is heard on this most special of days.


Since these bracelets are among the most affordable options that you will find on the list of sweet 16 gift ideas, you have a unique opportunity: get a bracelet to match your sweet-sixteen-year-old. You can have something cute and simple that you can share and that she will be proud to show off with you.


Sweet 16 Body Jewelry


As a young girl in today’s society, your sixteen-year-old has more than likely considered other piercings and body jewelry. While for some parents, this may may not be the best fit.  If your daughter has piercings, you will want to make sure she gets the highest-quality body jewelry gift possible so that she doesn’t risk infection from cheap materials.


You don’t have to have piercings to wear body jewelry.  It can entail a body chain, a toe ring, or a simple, stylish anklet. That way, even if you’re not in the market for a belly button ring, you can still get this sweet girl a piece of jewelry that isn’t the typical ring, bracelet, necklace, or birthstone stud earrings.


Using body jewelry is a good way to help her create a cohesive jewelry ensemble. For example, collaborate with a friend who can get her a rose gold ring, while you help and get a rose gold belly button ring or a rose gold necklace. She can wear these pieces separately, but also as parts of a cohesive look, which is a great skill that she can carry with her as she wears more jewelry going into the realm of womanhood.


A sweet 16 gift of body jewelry can set you apart from someone in the crowd that was at a loss for what to get her, so just grabbed a gold chain with the first letter of her name on it and called it a day. Sweet 16 gifts like that make anyone feel as though they were an afterthought or an obligation instead of the birthday royalty that they should be, and no one deserves to feel like that on their birthday, especially a birthday as important in the life of a teenage girl as her sweet 16. Get her something special because she has earned it for making it sixteen years in this crazy world.


A Simple Sweet 16 Stacking Ring Set


Stacking rings have become all the rage, so your sweet-sixteen-year-old has also probably considered getting a set of stacking rings. A set of these rings will make her feel so “boujie,” as the kids say, because she will have a lot of high-end gems on her hand.


While a lot of the stacking ring sets available on the market are pretty simple in terms of their design, remember: this is for her sweet sixteen. Don’t be afraid to go all out! This stacking ring set could incorporate some of those darling princess-cut diamonds from earlier. This ring set can feature all sorts of precious gems that add a bit of sparkle and pizazz to the outfit of someone who has a sparkly, pizazz-filled personality. Since it’s her birthday, an idea that she might appreciate would be to incorporate her birthstone somewhere into the stacking ring set.


These are also great because they go with a lot of different types of outfits. It’s always nice knowing that you’re getting someone a birthday gift that you will get to watch them enjoy, and a stacking ring set or a fashion ring is something that she is sure to get a lot of enjoyment out of. These are something that she will be able to wear at any age.


A Customized Sweet Sixteen Jewelry Piece, From You, With Love


She is truly one-of-a-kind, so naturally it falls that you should get her something that is as unique as she is. When her friends and family ask  where you got her such a beautiful piece of jewelry, you can simply say, “It was made just for her,”. They can’t compete with or match that!


She will be floored that you designed a sweet sixteen gift for her that no one else could ever have. This is a sweet 16 gift that she can wear on her wedding day, too. This may even be a peice that is passed down for generations, as it is a piece that future generations can not only remember her by, but remember you by as well. Imagine being responsible for a new family tradition; that makes the time and effort of sitting down and planning out a customized jewelry piece all the more worth it.


Although teenage girls all have different interests, these pieces are all a great choice. Your teenage girl will absolutely adore any (or all!) of the six pieces of jewelry on this list. Whether your daughter is into sports or is a girly girl, there is something here for her to love. Even better, this piece can be something your granddaughter loves too. No matter who you’re celebrating on this sweetest of sweet sixteens, a nice piece of jewelry is certain to be a crowd-pleaser for years to come.

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