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Diamond Watches for the Bride and Groom

A wedding is one of the most special days of your life. It is the day that you choose to enter a dedicated and long-term relationship with a person that you consider as your best friend and soul mate. Weddings are the occasion when the bride and the groom are center of attention, both with their roles and personal styles. When it comes to the looks, accessories have a special importance in the overall aesthetic. The accessories are what completes and improves the clothing garments, highlights the personal style of the newlyweds and puts the finishing touch on the marital look. One piece of accessory that makes a huge difference to the bride and groom is a nice watch. Because a wedding is a great celebration of the love and passion two people have for each other who decided to spend the rest of their lives together, a pair of nice watches with diamonds would make a perfect gift. Since a diamond is one of the most beautiful and hardest substance found on earth and “is forever” a pair of diamond watches would not only look great but also signify the celebration of the event as well as beauty and strength of the relationship.


No matter if you are gifting each other or just buying the watches as part of your wedding looks, the watch is much more than a piece of accessory and jewelry. It has a sentimental value, and each time you put it on your wrist, the most special memories will come up. Watches are part of our everyday life and somehow when it comes to the weddings, the bride and the groom seem to overlook them. Wearing a watch on your own wedding day is much more common for grooms than the brides. This is because men consider the watch as part of them, and for their special day, it is an avoidable piece and accessory. Brides however, focus their attention onto other pieces of jewelry – mainly necklaces, rings and bracelets. But, if you are the bride, wearing a watch on your wedding day gives a whole new direction to the visual, fashion and individual presentation of you, your look and your personality. Brides who wear a watch pay attention to other details and jewelry. They let the watch dominate and coordinate its style with two things – their own outfit and groom’s watch. When it comes to the groom, their coordination of the watch goes either to their outfit or with the brides watch. So yes, here, we are talking about matching sets – hers’ and his’ wedding diamond watches.


How to choose the perfect watch?

When it comes to buying a watch that you as a bride or groom will wear to your own wedding, there are some things that have to be considered which will later make the process of finding the right watch much easier.


Define your budget – it is important to know how much you are willing to spend and look for watches in that price range accordingly.


Decide on the color/type of metal and dial– the most popular colors for metal are white, yellow, rose, and black. There are also two-tone watches such as white and yellow gold watches, or a mix of stainless steel and gold. Generally, you would pick a color of metal to match the metal of other jewelry you wear; for example, if you have a ring and earrings in white gold or Platinum – a stainless steel or a white gold watch would be the choice. The option of watch dial is quite various and different, so you can spend some time on those to decide which one you love the most and which options of the watch (case color, dial, type of bands: steel, gold, leather) will go perfectly to with your outfit. If you are buying sets, then choose the options that will complement both of your looks.


Shape – most popular shape for watches today is the classic circle or square shape, but there also many other shapes too. For the wedding, keep it to the regular elegant shapes. For brides, the circle one is recommended, while for the groom – both are suitable!



Match with the wedding rings – take the wedding rings into consideration. The watch and the wedding ring will go on the same hand, so they better be similar in style. If they do not complement each other, they will look very unfashionable and cheap.


Style – the style of the watch must go with your style and personality. Choose a watch that you will wear later. Watches are to be worn every day, or at least for more official occasions and events, so choose one that will be easy to pair to the outfits and other pieces of jewelry and accessories you have at home.

Having all this in mind, we have prepared a list the will help you choose the best diamond watch or set for your special day.


For the Bride

Brides who choose to wear a diamond watch on their wedding day have already done half of the work that includes accessories. So, according to color or shade of your wedding dress, here is a list of the best 5 diamond watches that will get you covered on your wedding day:


Silver plating
Product Link


Gold plating
Product Link


Silver +rose gold
Product Link


Gold + white combo
Product Link


Rose gold plating
Product Link



For the Groom

Men love watches and they proudly wear them. Watches are the only accessory and jewelry most of the men wear so choosing the right one for your own wedding day is a big deal. Depending on what type of suit or tuxedo you wear, there are many different styles of watches that will look good on your wrist. They will be the shiniest and accented addition to your look. Here are some styles worth considering:


Silver stainless steel with diamonds
Rolex Watch Link


Black Diamond
Luxurman Diamond Watch Link



Two tone with yellow gold
Two Tone Rolex Watch Link


Yellow gold plated
Yellow Gold Plated Watch Link


Matching sets

The matching sets have enormous emotional and sentimental value for the newlyweds because they represent the same love, desire and dedication of each bride and groom. If you are going with the coordinating watches, take a look at these sets:


Silver plating set
Product link


Gold plating set
Product link


Silver + gold combo
Product link 


Silver + rose gold combo
Product link


Plain black plating
Product link


These are some of the suggestion that will help you find the perfect watch for your wedding. You cannot have too many watches but you can only wear one at a time, especially for the wedding day.Let your watch tell the story of your style and personality. Choose carefully and wisely and enjoy your special day!


For additional inspiration and style choices head directly to where you can see a huge palette of diamond watches and jewelry.

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