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Watch Shopping? Read This First to Find the Right Watch the First Time!

When shopping for a watch, everyone wants to make sure that they are getting the most for their money and that they are making the best investment that they possibly can. But with a piece that is so important and, quite literally, encompasses so many moving parts and tiny details, trying to deduce what makes a watch valuable can be very difficult. However, there are a few things that a savvy shopper looks for to see the value in their wristwatch.

Choosing Jewels for the Watch


One of the hallmarks of style and class for any wristwatch, men’s or women’s, is by seeing whether or not the watch has jewels, especially diamonds on it. Watches that are encrusted with diamonds retain their value not just because of the multitude of stones, but because diamond watches look good with every type of outfit, from the highest up in the company to the most casual of street wear.

The Aesthetic that the Watch Commends

Watches come in their own aesthetics and styles, and each style of watch says something unique about the wearer.

  • A diamond watch carries with it value and luxury, adding class to any outfit. These are borderline jewelry pieces and are the nicest of watch gifts that you can get for someone that you love.


  • A digital watch carries with it a sense of urgency and mostly a lack of regard for style. People who wear digital watches are often in a hurry, needing to know the time instantly instead of having to decipher an analog watch face. Some of these can also be cheeky, often hearkening back to childhoods where you could not read a watch face, so they feature fun characters.


  • A watch with a leather band comes off as especially masculine, or if not masculine, then very natural and earthy. The super neutral tones that these often carry with them pair excellently with any metal or even wooden watch faces and they look great with jewelry. Gold jewelry pairs well with almost any leather band, but refer to the watch face and be sure to match metals if you plan on wearing an outfit with a watch as an accessory, but also plan on pairing it with other accessories.


  • A pocket watch, though almost novel in the modern time, can carry a sense of nostalgia. If you are seeking to curate a vintage look, or even an entire vintage closet, then a pocketwatch is a wonderful accessory to try to encapsulate that look in an easy, cheap way to get the spirit of that more than anything else.

Good Maintenance

Keeping a watch well-maintained and functioning is the biggest key in ensuring that a watch retains the value that it has. Not just internal maintenance for the watch pieces, but work done to the face of the watch is important to keep track of. Appearances are everything!

For a watch that needs to be revived or its value to be increased, consider having a jeweler add a new band or add gems to it to increase any value that it may have lost over time. This can breathe new life into any piece, not just a watch. However, a diamond bezel is a specific watch accessory that will give your watch ultimate value if it has little right now.

Other accessories such as a polished face and replaceable bands make the watch more valuable in the eyes of others, and any jeweler worth their weight in gold will be able to offer you multiple bezels and bands to go with your watch.

Brand Names

Obviously, names like Rolex and Cartier will mean that the watch has a higher value than just any name off the street. This does not mean that any watch that comes from a brand that is not Rolex or Cartier does not have any value at all, this just means that a name may carry the watch farther.

This can also mean that just one part of the watch has to have this “clout” as the kids say. Rather, invest in a Rolex watch face with other accessories from jewelry companies to truly make the watch your own without breaking the bank.

Look at Hip-Hop for Clues


Hip hop and the idea of “ice on the wrist,” made popular by rap and hip-hop music, is another way to see whether or not the watch has value. Diamonds, gold, and other metals and accessories appeal to especially the younger generations and help give the watch aesthetic value if nothing else. Just like gold chains, watches are a new, equally important addition to the hip-hop ensemble.

Hip-hop watches do not have appeal to just hip-hop artists and rappers, though, either. These watches, in fact, are merely distinguishable from typical men’s and women’s watches for a select few reasons:

  • They are almost always surrounded by a diamond bevel to make it glitter in the light or at least to give the feel of luxury.


  • The face is larger than a typical men’s or women’s watch.


  • The band may or may not be a typical metal band. It is never leather, but sometimes the band is “iced out.” All this means is that it is covered in diamonds or black diamonds. Colored gems are rarely, if ever, feature colored gems.


  • They can be digital or analog, although the most common type of hip hop watch is an analog watch.


  • The face is often “iced out” even if the rest of the watch is not. If it is not iced out, then it has a super shiny face that catches any light. The face is arguably the most important part of the watch and artists will often hold their microphones or adjust their jewelry and arms in order to make sure the face of the watch looks the best that it possibly can. Again, these watches are all about keeping up appearances.

These watches are perfect for making a statement or trying to incorporate something different into your wardrobe. They would look wonderful for presentations since they are designed to catch the eye and play off of any light, not just stage lights.

The Unique Nature of its Design

One way to guarantee that your watch has value is to design it yourself. This way, you can choose the materials to design it with and you know it has value to you because you took the time and energy to create a beautiful, handcrafted watch. This way, you can decide whether or not to add bezels or choose a design closer to hip-hop rather than the traditional watch faces that dominate most wrists today. You can never really go wrong with designing your own jewelry piece

It Is a Blend of Modern and Tradition

With the advent and perpetuation of the smartphone, watches seemed, at least for a time, on the brink of extinction. Rather than succumb to this fate, jewelers and watchmakers have worked to make watches with value and reverence for the past in mind. Valuable watches will carry with them an old world feel even if they have new world additions, like the flashy hip hop watches that populate rappers’ stages and wrists today. Watches gain value from being relics from the past that work with the pieces of today.

This also becomes important in pairing your watch with other pieces of jewelry. Because watches have value in their timeless nature, that means that they look great when paired with both new styles of jewelry and old styles of jewelry. A nice watch will look good with a pair of vintage-looking pearl earrings and a new diamond-studded choker as well.

One of the new ways to style a watch with an outfit, especially with younger women, is to stack the watch on the same wrist as a bunch of thin bracelets. Rather than cluttering the arm, this lets the watch stand front and center against a decadent backdrop of various types of metals and it really lets it command attention. This looks especially nice when coupled with simple, minimalist jewelry on the rest of the body, for instance nothing but a plain gold chain and studs to frame the face.

When choosing jewelry to wear with a watch, do not forget to match metals. This will help make your whole outfit look cohesive. This also gives you an excuse to buy more jewelry if your watch face is a metal that you don’t usually wear. When you wear it with your watch, you’re bound to love the look that you create with your jewelry, whatever that look may be.

Watches are one of the few truly beautiful and still relevant relics from the past. Timeless (pun intended) classics never go out of style, and watches are among those classics. These are just a few ways that you can decipher whether or not a watch has value, but this is not an end-all be-all list, and it can also depend on the personal nature of the watch. Sentimental value is, after all, the most important type of value to consider when evaluating a watch.

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