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Buying A Bracelet? Consider These 7 Tips First

Whether it is just another day at the office or a girls’ night on the town, bracelets are a great way to add a bit of personality and sparkle to any outfit. A jewelry box staple, these beautiful works of art are sure to be the highlight of any ensemble, but with so many great options, where to begin? Use this helpful guide to find the perfect bracelet for any occasion.

Get a Versatile Piece


This can look different for a lot of different people for a lot of different reasons, but the right bracelet won’t be just a one-time wear. See what’s already in the jewelry box and go from there. For instance, a diamond tennis bracelet is perfect for the woman who already wears a diamond necklace every day, or for the woman who prefers classic, simple styles of jewelry. A piece like that is also great because they can dress up drab work outfits and add yet another element of sparkle to a cute date night dress.

For someone whose jewelry box is full of various colors and textures and shapes, consider a fun bracelet of colored diamonds or colored pearls. Nothing else in that jewelry box is vintage or traditional, so don’t get a piece that doesn’t match all of that! A fun, trendy look is to take bulky, colored jewelry pieces and add them to a colorful outfit. This is great for days when it’s sunny because the beautiful natural light will bounce off the rainbow of gemstones and make for an eye-catching jewelry display.

No matter what’s in that jewelry box, unless shopping for a specific event like prom or a wedding, make sure the bracelet is one that will get a lot of wears before it’s time to get something new.

Look For an Accent Piece

This might require outfit planning, but colored gemstone bracelets especially can take an outfit, and a day, from good to great! They can add life to a black and white look, or add a bit of contrast to a monochromatic ensemble. The right bracelet is perfect for presentations because it catches the light every time the hand moves, so invest in a piece that will help investors pay attention to the presentation!

Another popular way to have accent pieces is to stack bracelets with bangles. Simple bands of a certain metal play well with big bangles of colored gems or colored glass. If this sounds fashionable, make sure to match metals with the rest of the outfit so the whole look is cohesive. Also, be sure that the small bands are all the same metal, too.

But don’t worry, because whichever metal seems best, there are plenty of options out there to choose from. Sometimes, this combination can even turn an arm into a bejeweled musical instrument!

What Are Celebrities Wearing

In order to get good inspiration on what’s popular right now, it’s not a bad idea to watch this past year’s awards shows and premiers. This can show whether or not vintage pieces are back in or whether that chunky diamond bracelet is a good investment (hint: it’s always a good investment!)

Awards shows also help bracelet buyers because they can show you the best things to wear with bracelets, as though part of a set. Maybe the bracelet you find is part of a matching set, or maybe you can buy some earrings and a necklace to go with it. Celebrities hire professional stylists who know what they’re doing and how to accessorize them, so if they pair a black pearl necklace with a ruby bracelet and ruby earrings, it might not be a bad idea for you to try that look out for yourself.

Get Friendship Bracelets!


Making your own friendship bracelets is so 1985. Now that everyone has grown up, those new, adult friends might appreciate a disco ball bracelet instead. These are a great option for those who might buy more than one bracelet, such as those who will buy a friendship bracelet, because they’re relatively inexpensive. Disco ball bracelets are also probably the closest thing on the market to the traditional friendship bracelets that everyone remembers. They are made from large beads that look like disco balls all connected together that stay on the wrist because of a simple latch.

One cute thing about friendship bracelets that disco ball bracelets let you do is make them slightly distinct. For instance, a cute gift might be to keep the white diamond bracelet, get a friend the black lava bracelet, and say, “You’re the yang to my yin!” However the bracelet gets gifted, cute, customizable friendship bracelets can bring out the best in any pair.

Get More than One and Double-Wrist Them

While the stacking look is popular, another trendy thing to do is to get bracelets of complementary colors and wear them on both wrists at the same time. This especially helps if you see two super cute bracelets, but you would be heartbroken if you had to choose just one of the two of them. Black and white, red and green, yellow and purple, and orange and blue all work as complementary color pairings that would look great when worn on both wrists at the same time.

Don’t See Anything? Why Not Build Your Own!

If these run of the mill styles aren’t doing any favors for you, there is still hope! The best jewelers are always willing to work with you to make that dream piece, whatever it may look like. If this sounds like the route you’ll take, be sure to have the right metal, stone, shape, and look in mind. Drawing a picture might help both you and the jeweler visualize that perfect bracelet of your dreams.

Even if this isn’t the way you’ll go, below are some tips on the specifics to look for in whatever bracelet you’ll buy:

  • The type and carat of metal. The traditional metal types are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and copper. The higher the number, the stronger and more durable that metal will be, no matter what type. This also means the more valuable the piece!


  • The cut of stone, if the bracelet has stones. Round, princess, emerald, and teardrop are just some of the options you can have on your bracelet. It may even be fun to put multiple types of cuts on one bracelet for a piece with life and variety!


  • How many stones the bracelet will have. Decide whether you want a jewel-encrusted piece or a simpler piece that has a large cluster of stones.


  • The color / type of stone. Emeralds, sapphires, rubies, oh my! Don’t be afraid to even put multiple types and colors of stone on a bracelet to have a brilliant, multicolored accessory in your jewelry box. Do your research to see which one you think will be best for your bracelet because some people even believe that certain stones carry with them certain energies. Even if you don’t buy it, that’s always a fun conversation piece for when you wear the bracelet of your dreams.


  • The width of the band. Is this bracelet going to be thick or thin? If it’s thin, then don’t plan on putting many (or any) stones on it unless you want something like a tennis bracelet. If it’s thick, decide how thick and if it will be one single type of metal or more than one.


  • The clasp. Some bracelets are cute and creative in the way that they wrap around the wrist. Will it be just a simple, closed band? Will it be a hole that has to wrap around the hook? Will it be a closing segment and a ring? This is something that people might forget about if they design their own, but it’s arguably the most important part because it’s what helps the bracelet actually stay on your wrist!

Think of the Future

This might not come into play for a good long while, but the perfect bracelet won’t just be perfect for a year or two, but for generations to come. Vintage pieces often come back into style after fifteen or twenty, or even fifty years. This means that passing down a bracelet could become a tradition! Think about someone who might appreciate getting to have this bracelet and think about the things that make for good family heirlooms. Gold and other precious metals, as well as precious gemstones, retain their value over time, so buying a bracelet is always a safe investment.

Now the search should be less daunting. Instead of just searching blindly, now search with purpose for a piece that fits in your jewelry box but can also serve as a stunning accent piece. Even if you do not see that perfect bracelet anywhere else but just inside your mind, then that’s okay, because a skilled jeweler can make that bracelet a reality. That perfect bracelet is out there somewhere, it’s just waiting for you to find it or design it!

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