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How To Choose The Best Metal Jewelry For Your Skin Tone

When shopping for yourself or your partner, you want to make sure you have the perfect piece for them. A huge part of that is making sure that the metal that the jewelry piece is made with is the right metal for them. It really is part of an art form. People take years figuring out why some jewelry does not work for them and it really all boils down to the metal.

This article exists so that you never ever have to be that poor person because your metal will always look good on you and with your outfit, and the same for anyone that you ever buy jewelry for. Below are some tips to make sure you have the right metal for yourself or your partner.

How To Determine Skin Tones


Before setting your heart on any color of metal, it is best to figure out the tone and undertone of your skin. Your undertone is basically which part of the color wheel your skin matches up with the most.

There are three traditional classes of undertone: warm, cool, and neutral. If you know your color wheel, these are pretty self-explanatory. Cool undertones mean that your skin has a bluish or violet tint, and if so, then silver, platinum, and white gold jewelry will look the best on you.

Warm undertones mean that your skin has a pink, peachy, or red tint. Rose gold, copper, and gold goes well with your skin. But if your skin has a neutral undertone, you’re lucky, because it leans neither to the warm nor to the cool side, so you can get away with anything! So if you see a piece that comes in multiple different metals, you can go with whichever one you’re feeling that day.

Now, how do you find out? An easy way to find out is to check the color of your veins. Blue and purple veins on your wrist means that you have cool undertones, while greenish veins mean that you have warm undertones. If you can’t really tell, then you’re probably one of the lucky neutral ones.

Another way to tell is to look at your wardrobe. People tend to gravitate toward the colors that match their undertones, so the warmer your wardrobe, the more likely you are to have warm undertones. The cooler your wardrobe, the more likely you are to have cool undertones. If it’s all over the place, like mine, then you have neutral undertones.

Plan Your Outfits with Metal In Mind

If you’re like me, when you shop for jewelry, you have an event in mind. If you’re even more like me, you have an outfit to go with that event. Plan around that outfit to find the metal that’s best for you.

An easy way to think about it is to think as though your outfit were an undertone. For example, if it’s a cool color, then silver, white gold, and platinum will go better with your outfit. If it is a warm color, then consult golds and rose golds. That being said, it is also helpful to know some color tricks. For instance, it is nice to know that greens and blues look good with golds because for a long time, turquoise and gold were a sign of luxury in ancient societies, and society has held on to that idea.

Reds, though, do not look the best with silver because reds and golds were always the royal colors, and silver often meant impostors since it was seen as the inferior metal. You can also choose a piece that is versatile enough to go with many different colors so that you can get the most out of your purchase. No matter what color metal you choose, though, if you accent your outfit with classic pieces, there can be no doubt as to the luxury that you exude.

Match Your Metals

Along the same idea as matching your metal with the color of your outfit, if your outfit has metallic accents, you should try to match the color of your metals so that your look is more cohesive. It is a very subtle thing, but people will notice if your belt buckle matches your ring, which matches your necklace.

Although it is a small thing, matching your metals sets you apart from the rest of the people in the crowd because it shows that you pay attention to even the most minute details. For that reason, you can make new friends or even settle in some new business deals because of your attention to detail.

Mixing metals can only be done if you wear staple pieces, like a pair of diamond studs where you can’t always see the metal. Then it will not matter since people might not be able to see that you didn’t match your metals accordingly. You can also sometimes mix metals if you do it carefully, or if you have neutral undertones.

Even if you do have neutral undertones, though, be sure that when you mix metals, you do not just throw your pieces on willy-nilly. Perhaps you wear a gold body chain with your signature silver diamond tennis bracelet with your outfit. That way, the mixed metals are not clashing because they are on the same part of the body.

Know How Long You’ll Wear It

What I mean by this section is that if you’re buying something for yourself that you are going to wear every day, consider your wardrobe. Does it lean more towards one side of the color spectrum? If so, consult the color guides in the paragraphs above. If not, then choose a metal that is versatile enough to match most of your wardrobe.

Maybe your wardrobe is all over the place, though, like mine. Don’t worry. If that’s the case, then just choose a metal based on your undertone. You’re always going to have your undertone on you, no matter what other color you’re wearing. That way, you can style the rest of your outfit around your undertone and piece. Eventually, you might buy enough jewelry that pairs well with your undertone so much so that you’ll start basing your wardrobe around your accessories. They should really go hand in hand.

After you buy a piece, it’s always a good idea to take that piece of jewelry with you when you go shopping so that you can pair outfits with it. If you are buying this piece of jewelry to go with an outfit that you’re wearing once or twice, then choose the metal that will best go with it. It’s also good to remember that if you invest in a beautiful, quality piece of jewelry that you’re only going to wear once, it could live a great second life as a gift for a friend or as a piece to sell, so don’t take single-wear purchases lightly just because they’re single-wear, either.

When in Doubt, Try It Out


If you’re still not sure after reading this article, you can always play a little game of dress up. Go to the thrift store and try on some costume jewelry in various metals to see which one looks best on you. But don’t buy anything there! Save up and splurge on a custom piece from a trusted brand, not just something someone threw out of their closet because they decided it was too gaudy for them anymore.

No, you want to invest in some high-quality pieces that you will actually want to wear, pieces that your friends will envy for years to come. After that trip to the thrift store, your choice in metal to wear should be much clearer.

If you’re not in the mood to try on other people’s jewelry, that’s understandable, too. This is why we have PhotoShop. Take a picture of the high-quality jewelry piece that you want, and then photoshop it onto yourself without any filters. If you choose to try the jewelry piece on this way, make sure to experiment with different types of lighting so that nothing comes as a surprise when you actually buy it.

Your new jewelry might look different in natural light versus fluorescent lighting, and if you plan on wearing it in both types of lighting, you want to make sure that it still looks good!

No matter what metal you choose, if you choose a piece that is classic enough, people will be in awe of your elegance, class, and grace. Choosing the best metal for your next gem masterpiece, though, will set you apart from the other posers who have no idea what undertones are and don’t know the tricks of the color trade.

When choosing a metal to wear, remember to first try to match it with your undertone, then try to match it with the rest of your outfit. You may even get lucky enough to have chosen a piece so versatile that it goes with multiple outfits that you own. And even if it doesn’t, then you can match outfits to your piece! Have fun finding the right metal!

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