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How to Wear a Gold Chain to Be Stylish

Have you ever dreamt of a necklace that goes with everything? If you’re in search for a necklace to wear with casual comfy clothes just as easily as formal clothing, business casual, streetwear, and the latest fashion trends—look no further than the gold chain necklace.

Gold chains are not only a top necklace style for men right now, but women as well. If you look at the jewelry that celebrities are wearing right now, you’ll find that many female celebrities are wearing gold chains as their go-to necklace—Gigi and Bella Hadid, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, Rhianna, and even Jennifer Aniston know how to wear gold chains with their outfits perfectly.

There are many different styles of gold chains out there, from chunky Miami link statement chain necklaces to thin, elegant rose gold herringbone chains.  Here’s our style guide on how to wear a g

old chain necklace for any occasion.

Know Your “Look” 

When deciding on what style of gold chain works for your look, it’s helpful to think of your fashion choices as a narrative. What vibe do you want others to perceive; what story do you want to tell?

If you’ve ever thought that a gold chain isn’t your style, chances are, you might not be aware of all of the different types of gold chain necklaces. If a simple short gold cable chain like Kendall Jenner’s isn’t glamorous enough for your style, maybe you’d prefer a gold diamond tennis chain necklace like Dua Lipa’s

First, figure out how much attention you want your gold necklace to grab. Do you want an a bold and eye-catching thick gold chain with diamonds or a simple chain necklace along with a cross pendant?

Wearing a gold chain can give you confidence in yourself—they’re all about expressing your personality and individual style. Before buying a chain, you’ll want to figure out what style you’re going for, so you can wear it frequently and in a variety of your wardrobe choices. A good place to start is by looking at 30 popular chain necklace styles for this year.

Keep in mind that the width and length of a chain will affect its overall look significantly. The most popular women’s chain necklace length is a short gold chain or a choker chain necklace, which is perfect for a variety of outfits, from t-shirts and jeans, to a hoodie and shorts, to strapless dresses. A large or long chain makes a bigger statement.

Layer Chains for a Sleek and Elegant Look

Thinner chains are elegant on their own and perfect for layering styles. It’s easy to pull off the layered gold necklace look with any outfit. You have a lot of room when it comes to deciding how to layer chains, whether you choose to wear all one color of gold chains or opt for a mixed-metal look. 

The one rule to keep in mind for how to wear layered chain necklaces is to make sure that the chain sits either on your collarbone or your chest. If it’s not short enough or long enough, it ends up in the awkward purgatory space right on the collar of your shirt.

Layering often works well for men and women equally, the recent rise in popularity has led to a vast selection of different styles. Pairing a thin solid gold rope chain with a mariner chain creates an intriguing and versatile look for men and women.  For the best layered necklace look, opt for 2–5 chains.

Single Chains Make a Statement.

If you’re not into wearing multiple necklaces, you can always choose to wear a single chain necklace that says it all. 

  • For a chunky statement chain, opt for a thick Cuban link chain necklace, gold curb chains, thick Figaro chains, or any other chain at a wider width.

A single thick chain necklace is sleek and modern. On our website, you can select your chain width and length to customize it to perfection. You can also customize your color of gold—pick between classic yellow gold, lustrous white gold, or refined rose gold.

Check out Men’s and Unisex Chains


In 2021 and going forward, unisex and androgynous jewelry is in style. No one will know or care if you bought a gold chain from the men’s section.

Many gold chain styles are a fashion staple that doesn’t differ in style for men and women. You just can’t beat a real gold Italian chain necklace in terms of versatility and the confidence it exudes.

Some popular unisex gold chain styles women are buying right now are:

Both men’s jewelry and women’s jewelry are becoming more diverse right now, so the men’s section has a lot to offer women and vice versa. But if you want a gold chain necklace for women specifically, you can filter your search by gender on our website.

For more tips on how to wear a gold chain necklace for men, check out our men’s gold chain style guide.

Iced–Out Chains Bring the Sparkle 

While the traditional diamond tennis bracelet is a classic accessory in the luxury domain, the best new styles right now feature a wide variety of gold diamond chain necklaces.

Iced-out gold chains are decked in glittering real diamonds, which complement your face and bring out your eyes. You can even pair a diamond tennis bracelet with a diamond tennis necklace.

If you’re into diamonds, check out some of these diamond chain necklaces:

If you don’t want a fully iced-out gold chain, you can always add some sparkle by adding a diamond charm or pendant to your chain necklace. Gold chain pendants look great with v-neck shirts.

Play Around with Gold Colors

Many people don’t know that gold comes in different colors. There are three colors of gold for chain necklaces: rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. There are also black gold chains and rosary necklaces that have a black rhodium plating.

All colors of gold are real gold. The colors come from the different metals used in the alloy mixed with real gold. Yellow gold chains are the classic, and they’re really in style right now. White gold is a cheaper alternative to platinum chains and a more durable alternative to sterling silver chains.

The reason why 10K and 14K rose gold chains are so popular is that these contain the perfect amount of pure gold mixed with copper to provide a gorgeous color. Rose gold chains are popular with men and women—many rappers and male celebrities wear rose gold as much as women like Kim K.

Make it Meaningful


On their own, gold chains have many different meanings. The significance of a gold chain necklace differs depending on style and culture. 

Hip-hop chains pay homage to the success of black artistry and the economically disadvantaged. Gold chains with diamonds and gemstones are also significant in Hindu culture. Gold chains symbolize success and wealth—buying a gold chain gift for yourself and wearing it is representative of your independence and ambitions.

If you don’t have any personal meaning associated with a gold chain itself, you can always personalize your gold necklace by attaching a pendant. We offer many styles:

When deciding on the best chain for a pendant, look at the strongest gold chain types to understand which type of chain links can support heavier pendants.

Meaningful necklace pendants make a great gift for loved ones. Many celebrities wear meaningful necklaces as tributes to special people in their lives. For example, for Kylie Jenner the butterfly is a personal symbol for her relationship with Travis Scott. In addition to her butterfly tatto, Kylie Jenner wears a butterfly chain necklace

Whether you opt for a simple chain necklace, or a meaningful pendant or custom ID tag, Wearing a gold chain every day that has meaning to you is a great way to remember your family, achievements, goals, or values.

In Style Now, and Always

A quality gold chain necklace is one of the best jewelry investments you can make right now. Not only can you wear the best gold chains every day, but you can wear them for years. You don’t have to worry about them going out of style; they’re more of a classic accessory than a trend. They just happen to be really in vogue right now.

Not only are gold chains perfect for everyday wear necklaces, but a solid gold chain necklace will always have value. Here at, we have the reputation and expertise necessary to provide quality craftsmanship for manufacturer prices. We make our cutting-edge NYC styles of gold and diamond jewelry accessible to everyone on our website. For the best price gold chains, and a huge selection of gold chain styles, check out our frequently updated styles of gold chain necklaces.


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