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Ruby Lane 101

We’re going to start out with a little introduction to this fantastic resource and then we’ll get to tips and tricks, sprinkled liberally with photos of gorgeous jewelry!

What is Ruby Lane?
Ruby Lane  is an ecommerce website that allows reputable dealers of antiques and collectibles to have online storefronts all on the same well-organized, easily searchable website.
Ruby Lane has a fantastic jewelry section, brimming with interesting and unusual pieces from museum quality antique treasures to quirky, affordable vintage costume jewelry and everything in-between!

I’ve been buying jewelry on Ruby Lane for years.


Why is Ruby Lane different?
Ruby Lane is different from other online shopping portals because, quite simply, Ruby Lane is not full of junk. It’s a thoughtful, well-maintained environment that draws authentic antique dealers offering genuine treasures.

It’s wonderfully specific, with clear definitions of “antique” and “vintage” as well as requirements for authenticity testing and my very favorite rule: “No commonly available, mass-produced jewelry.”

One might expect well-maintained online shopping portal to be exclusively for high end pieces, but Ruby Lane welcomes collectibles of a wide price range.
The combination of well-maintained AND open to products of all price ranges means that you might find an exquisite $17,000 diamond ring for that once in a lifetime purchase but you can also find an gorgeous $80 silver bracelet or a $40 mid century brooch or a $110 Art Nouveau gilt locket for all those still very exciting but less financially stressful treat yourself moments along the way.


Even better, because sellers are required to write proper descriptions and provide multiple photos of each piece they list, you’ll have an easier time evaluating the offerings and deciding what you want to buy.
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