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5 Best Diamond Watches for Women: Buyer’s Guide (2022)

Whether you’re taking in the nighttime view of the city at a rooftop bar, standing on line at your favorite Italian café, or shopping for fresh produce at a Parisian market, you’re bound to see someone wearing a smartwatch. Of course, in a fast-paced world, smartwatches and fitness trackers are practical choices—but they’re not exactly gorgeous.


Many women learn to make do with the clunky look of a smartwatch, but others prefer to wear something more unique on their wrists to express their distinct sense of style and individuality. That’s why ladies’ luxury diamond watches have recently become highly sought-after amongst self-confident women.


Although there are numerous blog posts, advertisements, and brand comparisons for men’s diamond watches, the industry has long since neglected luxury watches for women. This can make it difficult to know what to buy, leaving you wondering, What are the best diamond watch brands for women? What are the best diamond watch styles for women?


Whether you want to know how to buy a diamond watch as a unique luxury gift for women, or you’re looking to buy a ladies’ diamond watch for yourself, here’s our guide to the best diamond watches for women.

Rolex Lady Datejust Diamond Watch


Buy 18k Gold Diamond Bezel Rolex Watch Lady Datejust 0.9 carats


If you’re looking for a feminine diamond watch that embodies luxury style, Rolex Lady Datejust watches are an elegant choice. Rolex redesigned the Datejust for women in 1945, releasing it in 1957. Like the famous men’s Rolex Datejust, the Rolex Lady Datejust watch features a balance of timeless style, professionalism, and functionality—yet it’s a Rolex for smaller wrists.


Unlike other luxury watchmakers at the time, Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf wanted to provide durable wristwatches for women as well as men. In the early 20th century, men perceived wristwatches as fragile jewelry meant for women. Hans Wilsdorf wanted to change this view, not only by creating durable and efficient watches for men, but also stylish yet robust luxury watches for women as well, since he saw strong women pursuing active lifestyles.


Rolex is famous not only for its exquisite watch movement and materials but for its hands-on diamond selecting process. A Rolex Diamond watch is one of the best diamond watches for women because each diamond is picked, cut, and set with expert precision. If you’re looking for a ladies’ diamond watch for slim wrists, the Rolex Lady Datejust comes in a 28mm petite size.

Breitling Colt Lady Diamond Watch


Buy Women’s Blue Breitling Colt Real Diamond Watch with MOP Dial and Diamond Bezel 2.5ct


Another contender among the best luxury diamond watches for women, Breitling Colt Lady diamond watches are known for their characteristic style, which combines the rigor of a luxury sports watch with the sophistication of high-end design.


Distinguishable by its 33mm case and impressive water resistance (200m; 500m for other models), the women’s Breitling Colt Lady watch is one of the best diamond watches for women with active lifestyles. Unlike typically unwieldy sports watches, the women’s Breitling Colt diamond watch comes in an array of gorgeous styles.


From customizable watch features such as a blue mother of pearl watch face, watch bands sized thin wrists, and multiple diamond pavé settings, the Breitling Colt Lady is a women’s diamond watch that offers an exceptional balance of style and function. Women shouldn’t have to sacrifice strength for beauty, and Breitling doesn’t force you to compromise.

Luxurman Galaxy Ceramic Diamond Watch


Buy Luxurman Galaxy Black Ceramic Rose Gold Diamond Watch 1.25 carats 


As demands for unique wristwatches with innovative materials rise, luxury ceramic watches have become quite popular in the last five years. Ceramic is a non-metallic, hypoallergenic natural material that became popular in luxury watches, including many Rolex watches.


Although ceramic watches are known to be expensive, Luxurman ladies’ diamond ceramic watches provide a luxury look at a relatively cheap price for such quality. Scratch-proof, fade-proof, and hypoallergenic, the Luxurman Galaxy Ceramic Diamond watch for men or women is truly an impressive innovation. Luxurman also offers many unique diamond watch styles for women, including ladies’ black diamond watches.


This unisex Luxurman diamond wristwatch features a sleek combination of real 18K rose gold plated stainless steel and black ceramic, which perfectly complements its sleek Swiss-made movement. This luxe unisex diamond watch is water-resistant to 3 ATMs and makes a great diamond watch for men or for women. It comes with a 5 years manufacturers’ warranty and full retail packaging, making it the perfect holiday gift for style enthusiasts.

Cartier Panthere Ladies’ Diamond Watch


Buy Cartier Panthere Mini 18K Gold & Steel Two-Tone Vintage Diamond Watch 1.25ct 


An iconic luxury diamond watch for women, the Cartier Panthere is a sleek, feminine watch with sumptuous diamonds. The history of this famous ladies’ watch begins with a Parisian style icon, Jeanne Toussaint. When she met Louis Cartier, the watchmaker was taken aback by her unyielding determination and distinguished tastes—from her finely decorated apartment to her simple yet glamorous outfits.


While it was unusual for a woman to have such a prominent management role in the early 1900s, Jeanne Toussaint secured the coveted position of Head of Creation at Cartier, where her contributions made Cartier women’s luxury watches even more acclaimed around the world. When Cartier released its Cartier Panthere wristwatch in 1914, the alluring, feminine diamond watch was an instant success. Encrusted with alternating white diamonds and black onyx, it was unlike any other luxury watch on the market.


Throughout the years, many continue to consider the Cartier Panthere diamond watch to be one of the best luxury watches ever designed. The perfect gift for businesswomen, female entrepreneurs, and ladies with uncompromising style, you can even find magnificent yet cheap Cartier watches for women if you buy a used Cartier Panthere watch for sale.

Joe Rodeo Full Diamond Watch for Women


Buy Joe Rodeo Madison 10.25 carat Full Diamond Watch for women 


Encrusted in a dazzling array of real diamonds, an iced out women’s watch is a head-turning statement piece. Thanks to the influence of hip hop style and streetwear fashion, the growing popularity of women’s iced-out watches has prompted luxury watch brands to produce a more versatile range of full-paved diamond watches in feminine styles.


Joe Rodeo remains one of the top diamond watch brands, and their Joe Rodeo diamond watches for women feature high-quality materials, brilliant diamonds, and beautiful wristwatches influenced by New York City style. Joe Rodeo is a popular brand for celebrity wristwatches, making them perfect gifts for a girlfriend, wife, or woman who displays her confidence and style boldly, wherever she goes. Joe Rodeo women’s watches often come with two free watch bands in different colors, as an added perk.


This Swiss-Made Joe Rodeo Madison real diamond watch is encrusted in 10.25 carats of genuine diamonds around the bezel, the sides, lugs, band, and silver tone stainless steel watch case. Little details, like the white mother of pearl face, really bring this rectangular diamond watch to life. Joe Rodeo knows how to make each little detail count, and that’s why the maker remains one of the most popular diamond watch brands for women and men.

What To Look for In The Best Women’s Diamond Watches

When it comes to picking the best luxury watches with diamonds, a variety of factors play an important role. First and foremost, style matters. There are many different elements that can affect women’s luxury watch styles, leaving you plenty of room to personalize your watch to your distinct tastes.


Whether you’re looking to buy Rolex diamond watches for women (or another favorite luxury watchmaker), or you prefer style over brands, the key to finding the best women's diamond watches for sale is to have an idea of what specifications you’re looking for.


Diamond watches come in a variety of sizes and shapes; round diamond watches are a popular choice, especially in unisex and men’s diamond watch styles. Square diamond watches for women are generally considered more retro, which is partly due to the influence of pioneer luxury watch brands on women’s watch models, such as the Cartier Tank.


Additional factors such as total carat weight, metal type, watch face, bezel, movement, and diamond placement play a huge role in determining the visual appearance of a women’s luxury watch. Diamond placement is also important for many diamond watch enthusiasts; some like diamond bezels and simple bands, while others want diamonds encrusted on the lugs and bracelets.

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These watch brands and models are just a few of the best women's diamond watches you can buy online. Hopefully, this short buying guide to women’s diamond watches has helped you get a better idea of what to look for in a diamond watch to add a dash of extravagance that suits your individual style.


Whether you’re looking to buy expensive luxury diamond watches, or you’re looking to buy cheap real diamond watches for women, we’ve got you covered. Check out our full selection of women’s diamond watches for sale online at Or, if you’re near Manhattan’s Diamond District, feel free to stop in our famous store to browse our renowned selection of luxury watches and diamond jewelry for sale in person.


For more tips on how to buy a diamond watch, check out our Ultimate Diamond Watch Buying Guide in our ItsHot educational jewelry blog.

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