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5 High-End Halloween Jewelry Ideas

Who says diamonds don't belong on Halloween? If there's one this we know about dress-up it's accessories! From sparkling diamonds to huge gemstones, every spooky starlet needs to accessorize. Check out these 5 Halloween looks of some of our favorite scream queens that absolutely require jewelry.
Meryl Streep as Madeline Ashton in the 1992 the satirical black comedy fantasy film Death Becomes Her portrays a glamorous woman who found immortality and uses it to out-do her rival. Madeline Ashton adorns glamour gowns and jewels, and is famous for her oversized and highly decorative diamonds earrings. Check out some of our selection of these beautiful waterfall earrings and (Death) Become(s) Her!

Designer 14K Drop Waterfall Earrings for Women 5CT by Luxurman 
   Ladies Earrings 14K Gold String Diamond Earrings 3.78ct


Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is the ultimate Halloween queen. Elvira always wears all black with a very low cut cleavage captivating gown, but who can ignore that gemstone jewelry! Her chunky gemstone rings will never go out of style. Check out some unforgettable gemstone rings here that Elvira would kill for! 


Unique Halo Diamond and Ruby Engagement Ring in Platinum 1ctd 1.35ctr 


  Designer Jewelry Luxurman Fashion Ladies Garnet Diamond Ring 14K Gold 2.3ct


Unique 3 Stone Platinum Diamond and Ruby Engagement Ring


Another chunky ring queen, Morticia Addams. Absolute goth mom energy, Morticia has been (unintentionally) camp when it comes to goth fashion. Who can overlook that bold combination of red lips, red nails, and show stopping rings. Check out these two pieces to set off your Morticia Addams look.


14K White Gold Black Onyx Mens Ring Cross Detail


6 Carat Green Emerald Diamond Ring 14K Gold 0.15ct


 Natalie Portman as Nina Sayers in the thriller film Black Swan dons a softer look during the first bit of the movie where she is transitioning from being a white swan. She wears some delicate jewelry to help represent the characters innocence before she plummets into a world she was so harshly sheltered from. This look can double for your prima ballerina costume too! Check out these super pretty diamond pieces I'd wear if I were going as a ballerina.


2 Carat Dangling Round Diamond Drop Earrings For Women By Luxurman 14k Gold


Ladies Diamond Drop Earrings by Luxurman 14K Gold 1.1ct Drop Clusters


Small Diamond Heart Pendant in 10K Gold


Fairuza Balk killing it as our cult classic queen of The Craft, Nancy Downs. If there is one thing to love about her goth look (aside from the makeup) it's the layers and layers of beaded rosaries and cross earrings. Her red lip and dark hair seals in that classic 90s look. Here are some easy fits for your Nancy fit.


Sterling Silver Rosary Necklace Black Rhodium Plating 5mm Beads


Black Silver Rosary Bead Necklace


Dangling Diamond Cross Earrings 0.8ct Sterling Silver

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